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This is the page where I'll describe Myself.


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

i like da scarface movie, hood 2 hood dvd ,smack dvd all battling dvd's,menace to society,juice,southcentral etc u get ma drift 

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

d-block,hova alittle bit project pat, state property,young gunz,slowjams u feel me

ya mean what's good dis ya boy geez up on here thanks for showing that luv u feel me coming to ma page but imma dub in age height like 6 foot descript u seen da pics  oh yeah what i do for a living is i work an go to school now u feel me  

i mean imma break 2 like this three years ago when i first had ma daughter shit was cool but i wasn't eating so i decided to hustle u feel me an ended up wit ma right hand snitching on me u feel me an it messed me up because i couldn't see ma seed for months that i was locked up an i think that that right here was enuff cuz i wasn't living right so when i got out i went back to rapping u feel me that was ma second hustle besides selling now it's ma 1st an em making money so y not keep doing it